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I started B. Cool Shop in 2008 when the interior design firm I worked with closed their business and retired.  I had worked in various art mediums all my life from fine art painting to sewing.  I was working in my studio when one of my daughters friends said "wow this is really cool" as she was looking at some of my creations.  Hence the name B. Cool Shop. 

We already owned a motorhome so my husband and I decided to embark on a new lifestyle and start our mobile business.  We are so blessed to have a wonderful family and a business that allows us to travel and meet such nice folks all over the USA.  Our home base is North Augusta, SC in a quaint yellow house surrounded by friendly Southern families.

Our goal is to offer you cool and personalized gifts that are not available at the Mall or chain stores.  We very much appreciate you shopping with us!!

John & Kathi Barber

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